Cast of Characters: Rory Deveaux

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Hey guys! So I’m starting this new blog series that will either be weekly, or after every book I finish. It is called, “Cast of Characters,” and will be a full character profile!

Book: The Name of the Star, by Maureen Johnson

  1. Name: Aurora “Rory” Deveaux
  2. Age: 17
  3. Gender: Female
  4. General physical description: average height, womanly figure, dark hair, dark eyes
  5. Hometown: Benouville, Louisiana
  6. Type of home/neighborhood: swampy, bayou-esque neighborhood, prone to hurricanes. Her current residence on the otherhand, is London, England.
  7. Father’s / Mother’s relationship: Still married, reside in Bristol as professors.
  8. Friends: Jazza (roommate), Jerome (share Jazza as a mutual friend), Boo (suprise roommate), Callum and Stephen (coworkers, you’ll see), Alistair (the mysterious boy in the library stacks).
  9. Enemies: Charlotte (the bitter prefect), The Ripper (obviously)
  10. Influential person or event: that one time she choked on a bite of hot pot while telling a story… huge side effects
  11. Grade in school: Senior
  12. Attitude toward school: She aims to do well and stresses over getting good grades
  13. Hobbies: involuntarily playing hockey (I wish the author including other things she liked to do)
  14. Favorite sports: involuntary hockey
  15. Favorite foods: Cheez Whiz (heated on the radiator)
  16. Relationship status: single (ish)
  17. Leader or follower: both. Starts out as a follower, but makes leader-like decisions towards the end.
  18. Strongest positive personality trait: Thinks logically, goes with the flow, tends to make sound decisions
  19. Strongest negative personality trait: not really fan of how she acts with Jerome (when they’re alone)
  20. Consideration for others: high
  21. How other people see him/her: The quirky American girl
  22. How he/she sees him/herself: comfortable in her own skin
  23. Most important thing to know about the character: She has the power to see ghosts.
  24. Will readers like or dislike this character? They will like her (for the most part) because of her development as a character, and the fact that she’s the book’s heroine.
  25. Who I would cast: Camilla Belle

camilla belle Rory Deveaux