Update: How My TBR is Going

So I published my January TBR a little over a week ago, and I just wanted to give an update on my progress with the TBR I posted. When I first put together my TBR, school hadn’t started yet, so I was feeling really ambitious. However, I have read three (In Order to LiveGoodbye Tsugumi, and Shatter Me) of the six books I posted (which is actually pretty good for a reader who has just recovered from a massive reading slump!). I’m also going to be working through books I’ve since been assigned for school reading.

Aside from school slowing down my reading, my TBR has also been influenced by my chronic book-buying tendencies. I have made a couple trips to my local Goodwill bookstores as well as my library bookstore. It’s hard not to buy books when they’re only 50 cents to two dollars! Not only that, but I also splurged on a huge Bookoutlet order, that I only regret just a little bit (but not really, let’s get real). I’m so excited to show you guys the books that I’ve bought this month!

I’m currently working through Everything I Never Told You, by Celeste Ng. It’s definitely a much slower paced read than Shatter Me, which is the last book I read, but I’m still really enjoying it. For school, I’m reading a collection of poems from Pulitzer Prize winning poet laureate, Tracy K. Smith called, Life on Mars, and I will soon be starting The Bluest Eye, by Toni Morrison.

I hope you guys have lovely week. Let me know what you guys have been reading this month and how you are progressing through your January TBRs!

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