Reading Update: Crown of Midnight

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I finally finished Crown of Midnight, by Sarah J. Maas. I had to take a little break from reading because I had to start another book for university. But now that it’s Thanksgiving break, I actually have an opportunity to get to the things I’ve been wanting to do like finish this book! As much as I love this world and the many different characters,  Celaena really started to irritate me in this book.

Without giving away any spoilers, Celaena goes through something that makes her question whether she can trust certain people, and I just felt like at a certain point it just started getting old. The way she thinks sometimes and the things that she does are the types of things that makes the audience say, “no, don’t go in there. Don’t do that. Nooooo!!” It’s like come on, girl listen reason.

Despite these reservations, I did really enjoy that the plot is thickening and building up the conflict concerning the queen. I look forward to reading Heir of Fire, but I think I’m going to take a break from the Throne of Glass series and read something else.

Overall, I rate this book 3.5 stars.

Speaking of stars, I plan to read These Broken Stars, by Amie Kaufman next!

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